Meet the Executive Committee

Education Committee

The Education Committee is designed to identify Veterans and ensure that they are provided information regarding their educational benefits and opportunities. To this end, the committee will work with educational institutions, industry and the legislature to provide Veterans with economical educational and technical training to maximize success toward their professional goals. Additionally, the committee is responsible for informing stakeholders about the multifaceted needs of Veterans and ways in which their organization can meet those needs.

Family Services Committee

The Family Services Committee strives to ensure that military families are included in the discussions, decisions, and actions regarding Veterans and Service Members, in order to strengthen the entire family unit. According to PEW Research (2016), 84% of Veterans say that Americans do not understand military life style and 71% of Americans say that they do not understand military life style. These percentages need to decrease. It adds, 83% of American adults say military families have sacrificed a lot. With this knowledge, it is our responsibility to ensure that the services provided are meeting the needs of our military families and well as their extended family members. According to the U.S. Census (2010), 7.9 % of children, which includes military children, live with their grandparents. The Family Services Committee’s purpose is to strengthen military families in Alabama. Our goals are as follows: (1) To promote and connect available resources and benefits with military families, (2) To educate businesses and communities in military culture, (3) To evaluate services for best practices, and (4) To assist with strategies that will allow Veterans, Service Members, and family members to communicate feedback regarding the provided services.

Health Committee

The Health Committee (HC) of AlaVetNet will link community healthcare service providers across the state as well as help identify gaps in services and possible organizations who can address those needs. The HC will remain involved in Joining Community Forces meetings across the State to connect service members, veterans, and their families (SMVF) to available healthcare services within each community. The HC will continue to educate providers on the unique needs of SMVF and a variety of related established organizations that also help meet the psychological, behavioral, health, and emotional needs of those Service Members and their families.

Legal Committee

The Legal Committee of AlaVetNet is to provide legal assistance to Service Members, Veterans and their families through its systems of volunteer legal professions in coordination with the Alabama State Bar Volunteer Law Program, local VLPs, and other legal service organizations. In addition, AlaVetNet advocates for the passing and amending of state law to further benefits and services to Service Members, Veterans and their families. The legal committee of AlaVetNet also actively promotes and assists in the establishment of a statewide Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) program.

Homelessness Committee

The Alabama Veterans Network Homelessness Committee works collaboratively with homeless service providers to advance the services, compile information, and communicate ideas to help expand resources of emergency shelter, affordable housing and appropriate services for the improvement of life for Military members, Veterans and their families. The Homelessness committee is composed of representatives from nonprofit homeless providers, government stakeholders, private businesses, community advocates, public housing agencies, hospitals, universities, affordable housing developers, law enforcement, and homeless and formerly homeless persons. Our long-term commitment is to serve as a planning, coordinating, and advocacy committee that develops recommendations for programs and services to fill needs within Alabama for homeless Military members, Veterans and their families. Thereby, Bridging the Gap while working to expand available programs and services.

Employment Committee

The AlaVetNet Employment Committee is comprised of members representing the Alabama Departments of Labor, Rehabilitation Services, Commerce, and Corrections, as well as the office of the Adjutant General. Still Serving Veterans represents the nonprofit partnership. The committee is focused on facilitating career transitions, connecting Veterans and employers for expanded Veteran hiring, minimizing under-employment, and encouraging long term career growth and retention.